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Red Oak

About Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Red Oak Hardwood Flooring


Red oak hardwood floors are known and loved for their reddish hues and natural beauty. Thanks to their appealing nature, red oak wood is common for projects like kitchen cabinets, paneling, doors, and millwork, and today it is an excellent flooring option. Indigenous to North America, red oak trees grow in many parts of Mexico, Central America, the United States, and Southeast Canada. Growing as large as one hundred feet tall or more, red oak trees produces hardwood that is good-looking as well as useful.


Red Oak Hardwood Grain


The grain of red oak differs significantly from white oak. While it is a straight-grained wood, when compared to white oak, red oak has lines that are wider and even curly in some spots. Wavy lines in hardwood mean that the grain does not run vertically in line with the tree, but instead, the direction of the lines run more “wildly.” Red oak is coarse-grained and uneven, meaning that it is not necessarily smooth to the touch. There are subtle differences between red and white oak graining, but they are noticeable when examining the wood carefully.


Red Oak Hardwood Stain Colors


The color variations in the red oak species of hardwood range from light white to golden-brown, with hints of pink and red throughout. Red oak hardwood floors can be stained any color, and the stain will take to the floors well. Because this type of hardwood has traces of red and pink, staining it can bring about the natural characteristics and brighten the grain. Red oak hardwood floors will also change color over time, deepening in color and tone.


Is Red Oak Hardwood Flooring Durable?


As a top contender for one of the most well-known flooring choices, red oak hardwood is a sturdy floor that resists dents well. While it is not as hard as white oak, red oak does still an excellent job of handling tough days with kids, pets, and guests alike.


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